Welcome to the home of the Fellows Of Mythgar [FOM]. We are a mature guild that prides itself on helping members and non members alike. We recognize that maturity is an attitude and not a number. Don’t let that fool you though we do know how to have a good time. This guild was born out of the desire to develop friendships with mature players who believe success is more about working with and enjoying each other than being number one on a ladder. FOM began in 2005 and has managed to stay firm in its desire to create a ‘family’ atmosphere. From time to time we open up for recruiting (please check the forums).

The end goal of our guild is to complete the missions and quest as a group and not spend lots of time with Guild vs. Guild battles and Player vs. Player battles. Although we do have players that mix up their PvE play with PvP. We’re not big into trash talking and prefer that a modicum of respect is used when at all possible.  We are also pretty patient when questing, if you just like to run full speed bypassing all the stuff along the way, we may not be the group for you.

Thanks for checking us out and if you believe interacting with “people” in a respectful, friendly atmosphere is something you want out of your gaming experience we may just be the guild for you.

WANT TO JOIN? Simply leave a post on the forum or contact the FOM Guild Leader directly via private message or email.