Fellows Of Mythgar [FOM] looking for a few more good people!

The Fellows of Mythgar is a mature PvE guild that is over a year and a half old. We enjoy having fun, questing, and running missions and dungeons together. We are primarily in North American time zones, but there are a few of us playing at odd hours, and as a member of the Ultimate Genesis 8-guild alliance, we are also part of a larger group with people online throughout day and night.

Our membership currently consists of over 46 players, with an average age of around 30. Our experience base ranges from the beginnings of Prophecies to just a few months. And while we do concentrate on PvE, we also have several active PvP players, and our alliance has a dedicated PvP guild that welcomes anyone in the alliance to join in their activities.

If you'd like more information, have a look around and see whether or not you and the Fellows are a good fit.

If you would like to join FOM just create a new member petition in our forums

posted Jan 13th, 2008 ~ Xavier

Website Update

Jan. 12, 2008 - I am still working on the site, as far as I know the forums are fully functional, The Index page (this page) has been updated, the About Us page is done, the Guildwars Link Page is done, I don't have any WoW links since I don't play WoW. However if any of our WoW players would like to have some links put up, just PM them to me. I can also do the same for D&D.

Currently I am working on the GW , WoW, and D&D officers pages, I am trying to make a page that pulls this info from the member info on the forums and thus will update automactically when officer changes take place there. PM me with any other changes you would like to see.


posted Jan 13th, 2008 ~ Xavier